Travel From Home

A new idea of remote tourism

Travel From Home

A new idea of remote tourism

An innovative way to do tourism

Travel from your home, in real-time, throughout Italy.
Explore the beauties of this territory from a unique and different perspective. Every day you can fly a drone in a different place for a new experience, without ever having to move.

Where you want

Discover the most beautiful places in Italy


No video recorded. Travel in real-time


You decide where to go and what to see

How it works

In a few simple steps, have a new world at your fingertips.


Reserve your space in the event you prefer. Enjoy the most beautiful places in Italy at your disposal.


Enter the platform to live your travel experience, or to watch the experiences of other travellers in real-time.


Thanks to the remote controls, you can choose to live this experience in total freedom.

Travel View, your window on the world

Thanks to Icarus you can always discover new places and have an interactive and live streaming taste of your next holiday destination. How many times have you had an idea about somewhere, only to discover it entirely different from how you imagined it? Icarus allows you to observe a place while remaining on the sofa at home.

Click on the tooltip with the number to open the description

Mappa dell’esperienza. Da qui puoi inviare comandi automatici al drone: “vai”, “guarda” e “panoramica”.
Box viaggiatore. In questo riquadro trovi tutte le informazioni sul viaggiatore corrente e su quanto tempo manca prima del tuo turno.
Controlli manuali della telecamera. Con questo strumento è possibile controllare in tempo reale lo spostamento della camera del drone.
Controlli manuali di movimento. Con questo strumento è possibile spostare in tempo reale il drone all’interno della mappa.

Italy Remote Tour 2020

The most beautiful country in the world, as you’ve never seen it before

On 25-26-27 September, on the occasion of #TourismDay, you can try Icarus for free during our Italy Remote Tour event. Go to the dedicated page and pre-register.

Quale sarà la tua prossima destinazione?

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